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Latest Patch (v 1.6.2) - 4.29.2024

  • Removed Teleport Everything mod. This is to test if the portal bug is being caused by this mod. Please report if the portal bug still persist even without this mod.


Please uninstall Teleport Everything mod after modpack update or create a new profile.

You need to update your base game to the Ashlands PTB patch.

Notes about disabled mods:

Ashlands PTB is now out. Since most of us are just waiting for it, we will dive right into the patch and join the test version. I've ran through the mods and here are the list of mods that are not compatible yet. We will be disabling these mods and I've listed the effects when we do.

Teleport Everything

  • This may be causing the portal bug even after the fix patch.


  • all pickaxe recipes are back to vanilla

  • portal kit is removed and portal recipe is back to vanilla

  • cart will not break with a hammer

  • all metals are no longer valuables


  • no more seasons

Spawn that

  • Berserker will not respawn in Stonehenge locations

  • Additional spawns after defeating a boss for each biome are restored.

Plan build

  • unable to copy and save structures


  • feature is disabled (but Ashlands may have similar)

Note that we will be saving a backup of the current state of the server which includes maps, guilds, and character files. Once the official patch is out, we will continue to use the progress done unless it's necessary to roll back from the back up.
Also, when these disabled mods will be compatible with the PTB patch, we will restore them back.

Other Notes:
Due to the regeneration of the map, Lost Scrolls and Biome Lords mods locations (and probably other mods with locations) will be relocated.

Download the latest modpack here.

---> NEVER click on the yellow banner at the top to update any mods!!


What to Expect on the Ashlands Patch

Iron Gate has set our expectation on what could happen to our map and mods once the Ashlands patch is out. In our case here are the list that we would expect to take place depending on the content of the update.

About the Map:

  • Before the patch, I will be resetting all Ashlands zones to ensure that the patch will update our map smoothly. This is together with the other empty zones (zones with no player built structures). This means if you have anything built in the Ashlands, it will be ERASED.

About the Mods:

  • If the mods are incompatible, we will disable them right away and will keep the server up even to the point that it will be on Vanilla state. This is except the Azumatt's Anticheat mod and Smoothbrain's ServerCharacter mods. Therefore, be also prepared with your Vanilla arsenals so you're Ashlands adventure ready!

  • PVP will be turned off until the Group Mod and Guild Mod are updated to the patch.

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Server Features

Open Server

No Whitelist Required

Open to all. No whitelisting required. Just download this modpack, then click the server link on the title screen and you're all set!

Get the Modpack Here

World Modifiers

Custom World Modifiers

  • Combat = Normal

  • Death Penalty = Casual

  • Resource rate = x 2

  • Raid rate = Normal

  • Portal = Casual / Portal items (allows no restrictions on bringing items through portals)

  • Player based raids

Mods for Server Stability

We retain all Vanilla settings and an addition of some few mods that helps us manage the server properly. Here are the list of them.

  • Azu Anticheat - prevents players to use other mods and use of console commands.

  • Server Characters - saves character file in the server preventing players to bring items from their local seed to the server.

  • Wacky Database - Allows modification of Vanilla items. (Please see enhanced metal progression section for more details).

  • Azu Extended Player Inventory - Adds seperate slots for equipments and 3 additonal quick slots.

  • Fastlink - Allows players to login without the need of typing the password and IP address.

  • Venture Multiplayer Tweaks - modifies the game settings that benefits multiplayer set up (e.g. maximum players, disables skill lost on pvp death, and forced pvp on)

  • Venture Logout Tweaks - allows players to retain buffs an debuffs after log out.

  • Guilds - allows players to set up guilds.

  • Odinship Plus - Add more ships in the game (mod access in courtesy of Pikassoh)

  • TG Community Mods - Lost Scrolls (TG), Biome Lords (TG), Bid's Mods (Christianity, BrewBeer, MonkArmor, Bell, ColoredCystalGlass, FireSpreads), and soon Zeal mods.



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This server is so well setup - awesome modded experience. the people that are on the server are great and SO helpful to newly starting players.
I am always doing some dumb and there is always someone to come save the day, They have weekly competitions and they give out prizes (just fun and rewarding). This is my second week and i feel like i have been playing with these people for years. Awesome Awesome expierence

confused vikings.jpg


Ive played other community server games, hated them. This is the first MMO Ive played that Ive enjoyed! Jiro, Hjorr and Noc, and Styx really stepped up and assisted getting me up to speed and into the game. They were very helpful and patient with questions and my complaining in the beginning. Most likely, if it were not for them, I would have stopped playing Valheim altogether long ago.

roots are moving.png


The players are very helpful and they answering my questions about the game modifications, also the materials I'm not familiar with. Avatar Jiro help me a lot.

Very well organized server. The admins are responsive. Last but not the least, I'm excited with the server events. Although I'm a new comer, I will participate!. Rewards are very good.

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