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Biome Lords Quest

After the triumphant victory over Odin's enemies, a new challenge looms on the horizon: the hidden biome lords. These elusive and formidable beings, each with their own unique powers, await courageous adventurers ready to embark on a quest of epic proportions. Braving treacherous landscapes and engaging in thrilling battles, those who emerge victorious shall be rewarded with an ancient relic with unimaginable power, forever etching their names into the annals of legend.

Hunting the Biome Lords

The whereabouts of each biome lords are written as riddles on rune stones found in each biome. These riddles are mainly referring to the biome and weather associated to spawn the biome lord.

Runestone Biome Lords.png
wolf ride.png

About the Biome Lords

Each of these creatures possesses most or all its kin attack skills. They have improved speed, and attack damage. They also have developed new attacks in their arsenals making them harder to defeat.

Each biome lord will drop a material that is required to craft the Catalyst. You may use this Catalyst an one of the required materials to craft the Demister Megingjord or the Lightning Wolf Summoner.

The Catalysts

The Catalyst can be crafted on the Gjaldr table by combining the following:

  • Greydwarf Elder Resin

  • Troll Hair Bundle

  • Whisper Chain

  • Queen Deathsquito Needle

Use this catalyst to craft either the Demister Megingjord or the Lightning Wolf Summoner.

Catalyst 2.png
Valheim Munin
mistlands light.png

Demister Megingjord

This utility gear enables the user to have both the powers of the Wisplight and Megingjord at the same time. This makes your Mistlands adventures less hassle and more convenient than switching between these two items.

Lightning Wolf Summoner

This left hand weapon can be used to summon Lightning Wolf as an ally. Every summon requires its charged fang which drops after defeating the wild lightning wolf. You may only summon one wolf at a time.

Lightning wolves are good company in battles and exploring biomes. It can give you a ride on land and on water. But once your wolf is defeated, you lose it forever and will need a charged fang to summon another one.

Wolf Spawner.png
Valheim Munin
valheim advance server castle by Namii


This mod is made possible through the use of free mods and mod managers available in the internet. Huge shout out to the following:

Troll Warrior.png

Advanced Features

This mod has locations that will generate only on newly created map. Playing this mod on a pre-generated map requires advanced procedures to generate altar / runestone locations from this mod.

Before proceeding, make sure to make a backup of your seed/map first. You will also need to enable console on your game in able to execute admin commands.


Downloading Upgrade World Mod

Download Upgrade World by JereKuusela HERE. Note that this mod will also install JereKuusela-Server_devcommands. I advise to do this locally or while there are no players on your dedicated server.



Pullup your game console (F5) and type in this command and press Enter.


locations_add Runestone_GreydwarfElderTG,Runestone_TrollWarriorTG,Runestone_WhisperTG,Runestone_LightningWolfTG,Runestone_QueenDeathsquitoTG


Verify the Locations

On your console, type in this command to verify the locations were successfully added.

locations_list Runestone_GreydwarfElderTG,Runestone_TrollWarriorTG,Runestone_WhisperTG,Runestone_LightningWolfTG,Runestone_QueenDeathsquitoTG


Save the Map / Other Prefabs

Once the locations are verified, save the map by typing "save" on console.

You may also visit one of the locations using "goto" command.

Here are the item and creature prefab names in case needed:

  • TGGreydwarfElder

  • TGTrollWarrior

  • TGWhisper

  • TGLightningWolf

  • TGLightningWolf_Wild

  • TGQueenDeathsquito

  • TGGreydwarfElder_Resin

  • TGTrollWarrior_HairBundle

  • TGWhisper_Chain

  • TGLightningWolf_Fang

  • TGQueenNeedle

  • TGCatalyst

  • TGWispBelt

  • TGStaff_LightningWolf

  • TGSaddleWolf

  • HelmetDvergerWishboneTG

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