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Lost Scrolls Quest

Ancient scriptures lie forgotten, humanity adrift without purpose. Celestial warriors wage a divine battle, seeking to resurrect the forgotten promise of good news.

The Holy Ground

Following your victory over the Mistlands' Queen, Avid stirs chaos by summoning corrupted warriors to thwart Valheim's champions. Guardians materialize across the realm, prepared for battle. You now find yourself embroiled in a profound holy war.

In your journey, you'll chance upon a holy ground and the vigilant guardians amid the meadows. Though altars stand empty, their sacred aura lingers. Carved into a runestone, an ancient scripture's fragment beckons. These profound words once graced the scrolls, harboring a hidden truth that Damon fervently shields from the world's gaze.


The main Guardian randomly talks and some of her lines would give clues on the whereabouts of the scrolls.

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Sealed Scrolls

The scrolls, cloaked and protected by Damon's formidable warriors, demand that you shatter their sanctified seals amidst your struggle against these formidable adversaries. Facing them alone proves futile, for only the celestial guardians possess the strength to endure. Your faith shall serve as your anchor, as you patiently await their imminent assistance.


You can only break the crystal using the highest tier of pickaxe.

Wait for a guardian or two before attempting to retrieve the scrolls so they can tank their attacks while you attempt to break the seal.

Spirit Crystals

Unlocking the seals of the scrolls will yield a spirit crystal. Gather three of these to craft the coveted perfect spirit crystal, a vital component when melding it with the incomplete heavenly weaponry. This sacred process, uniting the perfect spirit crystal with the incomplete heavenly weapon, can solely transpire within the sanctum of the Ark of the Covenant, within the holy consecrated ground.


There will be only three seals in the game. Therefore, only one perfect spirit crystal can be crafted until your reach the final boss. It is still possible to craft the second crystal if desired.

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Valheim Munin
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Heavenly Weapons

Select a celestial weapon to bolster your odds in the looming showdown with Damon. Remember, You can forge only one of these weapons as you embark on your quest. The incomplete versions of these weapons can be meticulously crafted at a standard black forge or the mage’s table. Yet, the pinnacle of their power can only be harnessed through the Ark of the Covenant, where the fusion with a perfect spirit crystal will unlock their full potential. When their durability runs out, infuse them with an incomplete variant to restore their usability.

The second weapon can be crafted after defeating Damon at your choice.

The Abyss Dungeon

Damon guards the final scroll within his lair, the foreboding abyss. Exercise utmost caution and thorough preparation before venturing inside, for the dungeon's insidious design is to ensnare those who dare to enter. Relentless abyss guardians, in league with Damon's formidable warriors, will tirelessly assail you in their quest to thwart your pursuit of the scroll. Among them, select few carry the essential keys to unlock the gate to the netherworld and summon Damon himself. This dark ritual necessitates both the hell gate key and the sin spirits from Damon’s warriors.

A secret door grants you passage to escape the dungeon but you must find the key to it or else, death shall be the only escape.

The dungeon can be found in the mistlands.

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Valheim Munin
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This mod is made possible through the use of free mods and mod managers available in the internet. Huge shout out to the following:

Model Assets Credits


Music Credits:

lost scrolls location.jpg

Advanced Features

This mod has locations that will generate only on newly created map. Playing this mod on a pre-generated map requires advanced procedures to generate altar / runestone locations from this mod.

Before proceeding, make sure to make a backup of your seed/map first. You will also need to enable console on your game in able to execute admin commands.


Downloading Upgrade World Mod

Download Upgrade World by JereKuusela HERE. Note that this mod will also install JereKuusela-Server_devcommands. I advise to do this locally or while there are no players on your dedicated server.



Pullup your game console (F5) and type in this command and press Enter.


locations_add Messenger_camp_TG,TGDamon_Altar_Cave,Spawner_ScrollCrystal1_TG,Spawner_ScrollCrystal2_TG,Spawner_ScrollCrystal3_TG,BattleZoneTG


Verify the Locations

On your console, type in this command to verify the locations were successfully added.

locations_list Messenger_camp_TG,TGDamon_Altar_Cave,Spawner_ScrollCrystal1_TG,Spawner_ScrollCrystal2_TG,Spawner_ScrollCrystal3_TG,BattleZoneTG


Save the Map

Once the locations are verified, save the map by typing "save" on console.

You may also visit one of the locations using "goto" command.

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