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Join us as we level up together, exchanging strategies, discovering hidden easter eggs, and cheering each other on as we conquer the toughest bosses. Our journey is more than pixels on a screen; it's a shared odyssey through the vast landscapes of virtual worlds.

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This server is so well setup - awesome modded experience. the people that are on the server are great and SO helpful to newly starting players.
I am always doing some dumb and there is always someone to come save the day, They have weekly competitions and they give out prizes (just fun and rewarding). This is my second week and i feel like i have been playing with these people for years. Awesome Awesome expierence

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Ive played other community server games, hated them. This is the first MMO Ive played that Ive enjoyed! Jiro, Hjorr and Noc, and Styx really stepped up and assisted getting me up to speed and into the game. They were very helpful and patient with questions and my complaining in the beginning. Most likely, if it were not for them, I would have stopped playing Valheim altogether long ago.

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The players are very helpful and they answering my questions about the game modifications, also the materials I'm not familiar with. Avatar Jiro help me a lot.

Very well organized server. The admins are responsive. Last but not the least, I'm excited with the server events. Although I'm a new comer, I will participate!. Rewards are very good.

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